Hand Railing can go unnoticed, present only out of the necessity to keep people safe and satisfy building regulations. Or it can define a property and become that finishing touch to any outdoor space. uPVC Hand Railing do just that.

Available in a range of styles and colours, our uPVC Hand Railing give you the opportunity to exercise your flair and imagination in a way that others often overlook. We offer you the possibility to mix colour ranges to make it as easy as possible for you and ensure you have the right colour mix for your area.

With the option to add glass panels you can keep your fabulous views while creating stylish wind breaks with a beautiful 21st century appeal. Available in framed and frameless designs with clear or grey tinted 10mm toughened glass. Framed designs will have a handrail mounted on top. Frameless designs will consist of stainless steel glass clamps and no handrail.


Handrail Colour Range